Audio questions

I’m just getting into useing sound with my animations and one of the most basic questions that I can’t figure out is how do I turn on the sound? I’ve already sequenced the sound in where I want it and it works when I play it through inside of blender but when I animated there was no sound.

I’m guessing it’s just a button or something I have to press but I’ve looked all over the Animation buttons panel and still can’t find the answer. Or maybe it’s the file type? I’m animating in the AVI JPEG file format.

Also, how do you scrub sound inside of the sequance editor? Or is there a way at all to move the time line back and forth and hear little spurts of sound that plays back at that exact frame?

Click the little speaker
Avi jpeg does not support sound. you have to use an FFMPEG codec.

well now I know it’s the file format, but I rendered with a video MPEG 4 (divX) codec and audio as MP3 but it comes out with the audio working fine but no video. I’ve already got Div X and re installed it again in hopes of it working but I can’t seem to get it to work. Plus the animation/sound only seems to have a sound near the beggining like some one knocking on the door while the audio file itself does not have such a sound.

I’ve looked at the webpage but I couldn’t find the answer.

Never mind, it seems that mpeg4 even though it says it uses divX just doesn’t work for me while XVid does. Plus the wiered knocking noise is gone too.