audio ram in vse

I am using Digidesign Pro Tools for music editing and when I try to add an audio ram file from Pro Tools tells me the file format is not recognized although the Pro Tools file is a 16 bit pcm .wav file recorded at 44.1kz. I can bring it in as an audio HD file but I need to see the audio waveform to edit to my video properly. Other 16 bit pcm .wav files from other programs add as audio ram files load up just fine. Has anyone had any experience with Pro Tools and the blender’s VSE? Thanks for any info that might help me. :o

I would like to revive this thread because I experience the same problem as mcgrathfx.
I am able to import .wav files in the VSE in the HD mode. It is really annoying to creat an animation that fits to the sound if you cant see the waveform.
Therefore I tried to add the .wav file in the RAM mode. It says “unsupported audio format” allthough I use an 16 bit mono wave file. Converted by audiocity.
I don’t have any idea how to fix the problem. Maybe you can help me.
Thanks in advance