Audio randomly out of sync

I have a problem,

When I edit video’s in the sequence editor, the audio gets out of sync randomly sometimes.
Yes, the FPS and everything is correct.
Reloading the file sometimes solves the problem, but not always which makes it even stranger.
Can anyone help?


What kind of media are you using? What Codec? Sometimes they are highly compressed over time and Blender doesn’t cache video to well. So it can loose sync if you put a cut into the media. Use a recent build and play from the head. If that fails try transcoding the video into a less compressed format.

Thanks for the tip

Well, the type of audio file doen’t seem to matter, all gets out of sync.
like, the beging of the audio is cut off and put on the other end, or the other way around.
Video seems to work just fine though, except full-HD .mts.
Yes, reloading the file while the cursor is at the end sometimes does work.
and I use the last build.

But im looking for a more solid sulution.

Bottom line is “don’t use time compressed codecs”. That means you will have to transcode the media to another larger (less compressed) format. If the file names and path remain the same you can trick blender into using the new media. Check out the blog in my sig for tips on this.

I already use either Uncompressed WAV’s, is that uncompressed enough?

The audio may be in sync but the pictures can drift. It is hard for Blender to estimate the correct frame to display after you edit/trim away the frame that contains the most information. I am suggesting that you decompress the video too. Otherwise I’m not sure what could be wrong.