Audio strip wrong length?

I have just added a Movie+Audio strip in AVI and MP4 formats and found that both times the audio portion is about 30% shorter? The Audio seems to be in sync (hard to tell) but you cant extend it any longer.
I used different clips but on Windows XP and Vista with 2.49b.

If I try to import the clip as a an audio only strip it remains that short length. Both clips are NTSC 30fps. Could Blender be interpreting the vision longer?

Now I can’t Mux the output! What ffMpeg settings should I use to get a high quality video with embeded sound? Also found that not many windows players are happy with the QTs or AVIs I have managed to squeeze out.

The original issue (about audio being the wrong length) I have put down to different measuring of the NTSC media, on a PAL timeline.

ie. My timeline expects 25fps but gets vision at 30fps. When you put in a strip of 300 frames, what was 10secs worth of vision @ 30fps becomes 12secs @ 25fps. Hence the longer clip (just slower playback). The Audio strip was shorter because it doesn’t run at frames per second (fps), rather at samples per second. So it stayed the right length, strange that they dont remain locked tho’.

I am trying to translate footage from NTSC (still camera footage) to PAL for editing against other PAL originated footage. Most apps just drop 5 frames every second and you get appaling strobing from it. Blender allows some frame blending o soften the truncation of frames.

Unfortunately the speed effect in sequencer doesnt seem to allow much interaction to change blending or frame stacking values to soften it further.

I’d search out an AVISynth solution to NTSC -> PAL framerate conversion, far more options.

Hmmm, I guess you are right, most commercial options just chuck away frames, looks terrible! At least Blender blends them. i will look at that option thanks.

If you wanted to post a link to a sample, I’d like to try an AVISynth script on it, out of interest?

Oh dear I seem to have lost my upload account? Thanks tho’, Initially I ripped a couple of NTSC youtube clips with Keepvid website. Quality was sucky but good enuf to gauge frame rate. At work now so dont have my original AVI files.