audio syncing in Blender sequencer <2 minutes

I have an animation laid out in the sequencer for blender but have grown frustrated with syncing sound fx and other noises to the animation. The animation runs a little under two minutes in length. I can provide some of the sounds needed to populate it, but other parts I cant seem to produce good samples.

The animation is of two robots beeping at each other in a conversation while hearing some slight sounds of servo motors when the robots move around. A sound of robot hitting the ground is also needed. The sounds will be of a comical screwball type, so the sounds are meant to add more comedy than realism.

So to sum up:
>>need sounds of robot beeps (kind of like R2D2, but not too similar, I want to avoid copyright issues)
>>need sound of robot hitting ground or crashing
>>need to sync sounds with animation on Blender sequencer.

So far this entire animation has been done in Blender, I would like to use it to help promote Blender.

If sounds like something you can do, PM me with a bid and online portfolio. If this project goes well, could turn into ongoing work.

Thanks a lot

I could do this.