Audio Track plays shorter when changing Movie Size!

Hi, I an using the VSE in Blender 2.63B.

I made a movie 640x360 and added a sound track that played the entire movie. I then changed my movie size to 1120 x 630 and now when I play the movie the soundtrack stops playing about 3/4 of the way through the movie. I didn’t do anything except change the size so what could be causing this?

I’m going to guess you accidentally changed the frame rate as well?

No not at all. All I did was change the render output size from (640x360) to (1280x720) and then the audio track was shortened not visibly but when it plays it’s timing is all messed up.

One thing I am going to do is try to open another version of blender and see if it does the same thing. I was using a test build and maybe that has something to do with it but I am rendering now and don’t want it to crash.

Ok, I tried it in another version of Blender. I opened the file and changed the render output size from (640x360) to (1280x720) and then the audio track was shortened not visibly but when it plays it’s timing is all messed up and the audio doesn’t play for as long.

So this tells me it has nothing to do with the version of Blender but a problem in the VSE Editor or a setting or something I don’t know about.

Can someone else please test this.

  1. Open the VSE and make the movie dimensions 640 x 360, then add an audio track to the VSE (make sure it’s about 20-30 seconds in length so you can hear the difference. Add an image and fade it over the entire length of the audio track.

  2. Now save the file and reopen it and make the movie dimensions 1280 x 720, save the file, now play the movie and see if the audio file doesn’t fade or play for less than the length of the fading image.

Did you try cacheing the audio track (in strip properties/audio) and looking at the waveform between changes?

Did you find an answer? When I load movie with extension .MTS, it does load, but at the wrong frame rate. The sound rate is correct at 29.97 frames per second, but the video length is a third2 times longer.
Any ideas?

I have had no luck loading .mts files in the past. Resorted to Windows movie maker (yuck). Doubt you will have any luck, try rendering to an intermediate codec instead.

I did cache the audio and selected the waveform option but not sure what you mean by "looking at the waveform changes”.

It’s weird, when I play the animation from the beginning the audio doesn’t line up but when I move the playhead to near the end of the animation and play it the audio lines up perfectly with the animation so it may just be that the audio “preview” is not accurate but when I render it I will see if it lines up.