Audio Visualiser Help required

Hiya, I am wanting to learn how to make audio visualiser for music. I don’t really have the time to learn the other aspects of Blender also I do not need them at the moment; I’m also struggling with some of the tutorials on youtube. I am in the UK and was wondering if anyone would be happy to have a skype session with me to teach me how to create audio visualisers. I have learnt the basics on youtube but would benefit more if I had some direct assistance. I am happy to pay if anyone has some time for this. If so, feel free to drop me an email on [email protected] or on here.

Thanks in advance

I made a tutorial on this ,it is in Italian , but check it anyway because it is beautiful i think:
if you have any trouble, or you want different kind of visualizer, send me a message.

Audio visualization is vague I think if you don’t mind me saying so you require fourier transforms for apealing representation of bass verses treble notes (see: cleft annotation of tablature) although if you wished to view the raw samples in a grid I can help with that aswell. Please Email me if you still want to skype and talk Brochester<At>gmail<Dot>com also checkout for my other projects.