Audio Visualization F-Curve Amplification?

I’m trying to make an audio visualization of music that was at a very low volume when exported. Using “Bake Sound to F-Curve” produces a very small curve. Is there a way to amplify the curves so that they are more noticeable in my visualization?

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You may want to look into f-curve modifiers or adjusting some of the settings when you do the Bake Sound to F-Curve operator.

Yep, the best way is to bake the curves, and then scale the resulting curve in the y-axis. I’ve tried many times messing around with modifiers to do this, but always end up baking it.

I’ve mapped the curve to empty, then added transform constraints to Extrapolate. Works if the target is transforms, but I’m not sure if it can be mapped back to anything other than a transformation, for instance for the emitter. (Theoretically, you can perhaps extrapolate it into another empty and get desired value that is amplified?)