Audio Visualization in Node Editor

I would like to have a glare effect applied to an input image, but the strength of the glare should change according to a song.

I know that you can have a song’s waveform affect a property, such as the scale of an object, by using “Bake Sound to F-Curves” in the Graph Editor. But, I have two problems with the Node Editor: (1) I don’t know how to get the information from the waveform into Node Editor and (2) even if I did, I don’t know how it could control the strength of the glare, since the Glare node has only 1 input socket for the image.

Any ideas?

Garry you could animate an empty Z position with the bake sound operator, then add a driver to the threshold value of glare node and link it to the empty -will need to write a simple expresion to map values-

or you could drive a mix node, keeping glare at its max value -but may take longer to render-