Audio Visualization Script crashes without any warning.'Testmonkeys' needed.

Hey all!

I came across this tutorial by Patrick Boelens. He shows how to script Audio Visualization to some cubes…

I tried the tutorial, and for my first scripting in my life I was very excited to try it.
Unfortunately, my blender build seems to keep crashing when running the script.
Patrick advised to go to the blenderartists forum because the script worked fine on his system (both the official and the SVN build). He had no idea why it wasn’t working.

So could you people try this script ( with a music file of your own?

If there are any errors in my script, please report,’

Thanks in advance!

Note: if the bottom line of the script is highlighted when the script doesn’t run, try changing “bpy.ops.transform_apply(scale=True)” to “bpy.ops.scale_apply()”

I tried out the tutorial and did not get very far.
Blender crashes when I try to use the Bake to F-Curve.
I am using 2.5.7 release 37181 32 bit.

I also tried the script and it crashes on the line that activates the bake function.
So the feature is certainly not stable. I wonder why it is in the trunk…?

same here on 64bit linux, r37220. even from the gui, fcurve, bake from audio - blender disappears

that actually is quite strange…
the “Baking Sound to F-Curve” function works fine with me, but when done in a script it crashes.

Somebody on the tutorial page told me to try setting my end frame back to 250, but that didn’t work either.

I’m on ubuntu 11.04 … still crashing on bpy.ops.graph.sound_bake()… it works when baking sound from UI!
I’ve tried many builds but nothing has changed.

I’ll keep trying. Please report if you find any workaround to this problem.