Audio visualizer on circle

My version of audio visualization in Blender. Based on Gethiox script

New visualization (similar to previous but not same)

Very nice! In fact, your vids inspired me to make my own. Only thing is, the script wouldn’t work for me, I keep getting this error:

So I came up with my own based on another tutorial:

This is just a low-res render of what I’m working on. It’s ok, but it’s not “frequency responsive” yet or 100% accurately-locked on to the song/transients. Luckily I came across another tutorial that will help me correct that.

I hope to incorporate your tutorial + the one I used to make mine. I want to end up with something that is locked on to the song and frequencies, as well as animating some particles in sync with the song…

I’ve never done any 3D animation before this, but now after doing that 1 project I’m mindblown… The past couple of days have been nothing but learning and applying stuff in Blender. So I’m planning on making more of these types of animations for my music!

I have all kinds of ideas for “3D music videos” so to speak. Nothing overly complex & textured, but simple and interesting. I make beats so adding the 3D animation element to it will take it to the next level with visuals.

So I basically said all that to say: THANKS FOR POSTING THIS! :spin:

Lot of people got problem with it, you need only to change place of your song to another disk (can’t be C because script got problems with C part). It should work, for most people do.

Make higher es your visualization cuz it’s pretty nice :slight_smile:

I changed the disk path to my external HD (I: drive), and it still won’t work. :frowning:

However, I went back and redid my f-curve (bake sound to f-curve). Now I’m rendering a higher-res version, and will be uploading it soon!

I’m using Blender 2.69. Would that be an issue for the script as well? Was this script made in an earlier version of Blender?