If I have my stirps of animation in the sequence editor and one strip of audio, how do I make an Avi or Quicktime with the audio. When I do a sequence and press the ANIM button to render the whole thing, the audio doesnt seem to be there in the finall output.
Or does the Video Sequence editor not yet have the option of creating a movie file with audio?

Thanks for your help


Only the FFMpeg output option ( a variety of .avi) can multiplex video and audio in the output. Lots of settings to play with :wink:

An alternative (though not for QT output unless you have QT Pro) is to use the Scene context/Sound Block buttons suite to do a Mixdown of the audio strips in the VSE, output as a .wav file that can then be combined with the video in an external program like Virtual Dub.

Im going to get used of this thread because Blender its already doing a great job exporting with ffmpeg and in various formats, I just dont know why another thread about this, if people search just a little they would note that exists today like 100000 threads about the same issue, getting back to the issue, one of my question to the developers, is why is it that I can export straight to flv but not with the alpha channel…
Its all working great I´m importing in flash the flv with the sound but if only I have the alpha…!!!

That my friend will make Blender a unique soft, already is but that simple change would make flash integration straight…!!!