AudVis - audio visualization add-on

Hi, I’m an author of blender add-on “AudVis”. Its basic goal is to make it easier to create animations responsive to sound, including real-time sound analyzing.
It is available in Blender Market and Gumroad, but if you send me a message, I will send you a free copy. It works best with Blender 2.80. Now it works with Blender 2.81 alpha, but no in-depth testing was done yet. Support for Blender 2.79 is questionable because of some features missing in the old sound api, but it works at least with Real Time Analyzer.
I would like to receive some feedback from you. I would like to know if there is any space for this add-on in the world. And if you like this idea, I would really appreciate any suggestions, bug reports, feature requests…

Here is my youtube channel with some videos created with it.


I bought the addon a few weeks ago on Blender Market and found it very useful. Did some experiment and works well. I make music myself and therefore I see some interesting applications, but I lack time. But definitely will come back to you for ideas when I have more time.
Thanks for the nice addon!


Hi there!!
I’m really interested on your addon
Is possible to test it before buying?
thank you!

Hello and welcome to the community.

I can’t believe that someone has finally created an addon that does exactly this. WOW.

I have been trying to figure out how to feed/stream live audio to create the same effects using the particle/physics system with no luck.
Will there be any future development towards that?

I have an extensive music collection (ex DJ ) and use MusicBee for my playlists. Can I assume that I will be able to use AudVis along with it?
Or also with 2 turntables?
Or with DJ mixing software?

I only had time so far today to check out the first demo video…WOW, but will check out the others and all the documentation later today when I have some time.


Hi, I’m glad you like this idea.

AudVis Real Time Analyzer uses small python library sounddevice . Basically it captures sound data from your sound card. Almost all setting is done in your operating system. When you have setting done, you can visualize music playing in web browser, in music player, coming from microphone, jack input…

When animating physics and particles, you can find some Blender’s limitations. Many things don’t work as good as I would like. Some properties in particles are not animatable at all (for example Emitter -> Emission -> Number). Some properties are animatable, but they don’t really update (Hair -> Render -> Scale). I hope the new Particle Nodes will improve the situation. I can’t wait for this feature.

Development of AudVis is still living. Once I got obsessed with this idea, I could not stop :smiley: I don’t really have plans, I just develop what I’m missing there right now. If you have any ideas, I will do my best to put it into AudVis.

Thank you for taking the time to reply. I see what you mean about the physics addition.
Did not know about the particle node development, good news.

I have a couple of more questions if you don’t mind.
In AudVis, can it rotate/track camera around the object being animated? On any or all axis?
Or, can the object being animated, rotate around on any or all of it’s axis?
From the documentation, can’t tell if this is possible.
Also, can AudVis control any lights? For example turn say 3 different colored lights on and off? For create lighting effects in the scene.

Also was wondering if you plan to sell this at, I have an account there.
I don’t have a account at Blender Market, but have no problem creating one there to buy this.
Thanks in advance.

With AudVis, you can animte almost anyting you want. Just right click on any numeric property anywhere and if you see there an option Add Driver, you can animate it. Not everything works flawlessly as I mentioned in the case of particles, but almost everything works. You can animate colors, shading nodes, compositing nodes, lamp strength, size, rotation, location of objects… I don’t even know everything what is animatable in Blender :slight_smile: When you mentioned camera in your question, I have tried now animating Focal Length and it makes a nice dramatic effect :slight_smile:

Camera tracking isn’t something my add-on solves. You do it just the way how it’s normally done in Blender.

I hope I will sell it at Gumroad soon. [edit] Things got faster than I thought

Oh WOW, thanks for the copy, that was very kind of you. I’ll have to find some time this weekend to try it out, in the middle of remodeling a bathroom :crazy_face:

This is way cool that almost can be animated. I even dont know everything what is animatable in Blender. This will be a fun way to learn. I’ll try to figure out how to move the camera around an object using some type of object constraint.
So just right click on any numeric property anywhere and if you see there an option Add Driver…seems so easy!
I’ll pop back in next week with some feedback.
Again, thanks for the copy.


congrats on your add on I really like the results I saw on the internet, I am a student and working on a senior project, Its basicly creating visual representations from soundscapes of places for deaf people.

I would love to test and try your add on!