Augmented Reality Apps Collaboration

Hi there. First, let me introduce myself: I am a game developer and designer. For the past 2 decades, I’ve been involved in the design and development of many casual games, for mobile, pc and consoles. My LinkedIn profile has more information about me:

I have always been interested in Augmented Reality, as I feel there is a great opportunity to create experiences and apps that allow us to interact with the real world. So a few months ago, I decided to embark myself into learning Augmented Reality development, using ARKit from Apple. I have published two apps so far:

  • Meet Otto.
  • Portal To The Sea.

You can check out my Youtube channel to see a video of both apps running (links to download the apps are in the video description):

I would like to meet Blender artists who would be interested in collaborating on my next apps. My goal is to continue making a full portfolio of apps, so I can start getting commission work. And my hope is that once that happens I could hire the same artists I will be collaborating with.

I am currently working on a face recognition app, where I am using ARKit’s blendshapes, in order to make a fully controlled character.

I would love to collaborate with an artist who has experience in character modelling, and Blender shape keys.

If you are interested, please reach out. You can request to connect on LinkedIn, or send me a private message. Thanks for reading.

Juan Gril


This sounds really interesting, just sent you a PM!


how big team is ? i already sent you follow request on linkdin

Hello Prashant. Feel free to send me a DM with your portfolio. The team is so far me.

I can’t send you message option is locked by LinkedIn