Augmented Reality... Ever heard of it?

Hi guys, I was just introduced to the world of augmented reality and it blew my mind.

Have any of you dabbled in this technology? any idea if it is possible with blender?


Like this ?

Exactly!!! Thanks Richard!

You can do augmented reality with any software capable of export to the COLLADA file format, including Blender. It is basically a library that reads 3d information from this file and displays it when your webcam or mobile cam focus on a pre-determined pattern.

The 3D software is used only to create the models and the animations; all the other stuff needed to create the Augmented reality is done in another software, and by now there’s several different products that can do this. In the company I work we’ve done a few of this applications, mainly for Fairs and Exhibitions. I only manage the 3D part of the process, but I know that our partner has used an Adobe Flash library to create them.

I cannot give you a more advanced explanation of how it works (mainly 'cause I don’t how to do it in english hehe), but here’s a link you can see to get a grip on it.

Hope it helps :wink:

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It’s not in Blender, but it’s nice piece of augmented reality

and if you have some Android phone, you can try Ingress ( it’s sort of augmented reality.

I make AR apps. I’m not sure if Blender could do the software side of things, but you can certainly create 3D assets for AR apps using Blender. Personally I use Unity with the Vuforia SDK to code/build the apps.

It is very possible with Blender. I have a small team of two working on integrating Leap Motion support for Blender, debating on releasing it publicly.

Augmented reality is the next technology step in the world. It is currently almost in place to go full scale in most areas of entertainment, e.g movies, games, etc. With cloud computing and etc, it is now possible to have full photo-real interactive universes for movies, games, and television.

John Gaeta, the mind behind Manex VFX (now out of business) and then ESC Entertainment (out of business also), and the person behind all of the Matrix Visual Effects sequences (Bullet Time, Virtual Bullet time with UCAP), took a step out of the visual effects industry to go head on into virtual interactive reality. A while ago he had a really awesome real time point cloud/textured video capture system going on with the KINECT technology from Microsoft, he has since moved on to more “major” integrations of the technology and has been working on actual real time reconstruction of physical scenes, virtually. This is done with multiple sensors surround an object, or photographing (video) a room, creating a real time point cloud of the scene, and then taking the texture information and applying that in real time as well to the point cloud geometry. That’s it in a nutshell…

Here is a full video of him discussing the matter. Highly recommend you watch it. It is extremely interesting as he also goes in to the moral complexities that can occur with this technology.
To delve deeper into the area of Blender and Augmented Reality…

I’ve found recently from posting on this site a week or so ago that there are a LOT of developers and techie people doing a lot of things in their spare time with Blender and it’s code, they just don’t go public with it. It’s definitely going to happen with Blender, I know I’m not the only one looking into it.

Aside from Leap Motion integration, I also have been looking into implementing a small Point Cloud Library system for use with Blender.

And integrating this as well, when I feel like crying out of frustration ; )

I guess the bottom line is, Blender is open source, you can do whatever you want with it, so in essence, yeah you can do some pretty sweet Augmented Reality or even Virtual Reality if you have the talent (and money).


If you are more interested send me a PM.

Quite interested in what you’re talking about here… Especially the point cloud integration! I’m coming from 3d scanning for architecture and media and one of the biggest frustrations we have is working with specialized software which tends to be quite buggy and limited (i.e. Pointools). Integrating point clouds into software that’s already well developed and stable would be amazing. Took a quick look at and it will be very interesting to see how that develops…

Please keep us up to date with how that goes! Very immediate and real desire to test / provide feedback here :slight_smile:

I’ve done few animation in Blender for AR app (mostly for metaio env) and I think AR inside Blender will be great opportunity for extending BGE. IMHO AR is future technology, I don’t know, maybe 5 yrs and this will be very popular cause is very (end)user friendly and simply.
Leap Motion and PCL integration in Blender? Too good to be true :slight_smile: Anyway, I wonder how it will develop.