augmented reality in blender dae model problem

here is my blender file with texture. but if i export it to dae and use it to flartoolkit it got messy texture. xtian.blend (604 KB) here s my blend file

1.) You use ngons and the model is a mess
2.) Your UV-seams are a mess
3.) You forgot to include your texture
4.) You are Justin Bieber

This is how it should be done :

SIR im a beginner in this blender how can i remove that ngons that you said help me sir pls

1.) Try modelling stuff as seperate objects that do not need to be connected per se. For example there is no need for the balcony to be attached to the house, you can remove a ton on unnecessary geometry that way. Also delete faces in places that you will never see. You can then join them back to one object by selecting them and strg+j. You can select all linked geometry within one object in edge mode by pressing L ( you can also do this in face mode but this will select your uv islands once you have placed seams).

2.) Having ngons means creating faces that consist of more than 4 vertices. There is nothing wrong with using them per se, unless you use a subdiv modifier, but the exporter does not understand them correctly afaik. So in order to maintaion your uv layout you should use all quads. In your original mesh for example like this: I deleted the lower half anyway, because it wont ever be seen. this is just one example.

3.) On UV-layout:
It is for 3DS but just download the scene and place the seams where he does in the video and ignore him talking about pelt mapping and such. Just place the seams where he does. Also set UV mode to conformal ( works better on most hard-surface stuff IMO ) :

Good luck.

sir we tried to do what you have said but still it is the same like the first model that you saw…if i did the right or wrong in fixing our problem can you pls open the attachments sir
thank you so much sir for your kindness

Attachments (993 KB)

I fail to see what the attached file has to do with the original model.
Those flaws were bad modeling, bad UVs and use of Ngons which is most likely the cause of the errors you get.
I attached a cleaner version of it to which you can compare to.
This new object is just an inset box, you dont have ngons in it but duplicated faces ( -> a (select everything), w, remove doubles) and bad UVs.
Did you see the video? Because the UVs are all over the place again. I dont know if this how you want it to look but the placement is simply wrong. And dont use an image of a tiling floor that is actually warped XD
Seriously practice and watch videos on blendercookie and guru about modeling and texturing. I know that for a beginner it is hard to understand a lot of technical terms especially if “all” you want is some good looking ingame prop. But as with everything in live things take time and you have the opportunity to watch some good documentation online for free.