Augmented Reality Motion Tracking App and Add-On Open Beta

Hey guys, I’m happy to finally release the open beta of retargeter! :tada: :tada: :tada:

Here the links to the current version of the App and the Add-On:

Open Beta iOS (requires iOS6+ for environment tracking, iOSX+ for face tracking)

Open Beta Android (requires ArCore and API Level 24+)

Blender Add-On (requires Blender 2.9+)

For tracking I recommend to start in a controlled environment which is bright, sufficiently textured and without reflective surfaces. To solve a camera tracking it is recommended to always have reference objects within the frame, otherwise you will experience drifts. Also it’s recommended to create multiple short, instead of a long recording. I’ll create some tutorials in the near future, but guess that should get you going.

The Add-On to import the tracking results is pretty straight forward, just import the .zip created by retargeter. I recommend to import the data in an empty scene. On Mac it can happen that .zip files get randomly unzipped. I recommend to just zip them before importing (it’s possible to import the .JSON-Files one by one, I’ll cover this in a future tutorial).

I don’t recommend building the app or using the add-on from source. It might be updated and differ from to current available Beta Version. If you want to checkout the source as learning resource or for creating private custom modifications, checkout the following links:

Source Code App

Source Code Add-On

Resources and tools I provide are free for you to use, but running the project and online content is not. I really enjoy creating tools for you, but it takes me a lot of time. If my work is valuable for you, consider a donation to fund the project:

Support the project

I’m really happy to share my results! So excited, what you’ll come up with. Please use the hashtag #retargeter so I can see it!

If you have questions or issues let me know :slight_smile:

Cheers, cgtinker