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I’m a University undergraduate going into my final year this coming September and I have been looking into final-year project ideas. I’ve been interested in trying my hand at 3D modeling and I am also intrigued by augmented reality. After searching around it seems Blender is a great open-source 3D modeler, complete with game engine and there are various augmented reality frameworks around.

What I haven’t came across is a standard/straight forward way of combining interactive 3D models/games/physics with augmented reality technology. There appears to have been a few attempts that have withered away, but nothing substantial or satisfactory.

Am I right in thinking that there is no real augmented reality/blender plug-in that is readily available/usable? Would there be a demand for such a thing or was it found to be a non-starter?

I haven’t delved into the Blender API documentation yet, but I imagine it’s quite possible to programmatically move a 3D model and apply physics to colliding objects etc? Ideally, at the end of my project I would like to be able to demonstrate two objects positioned over markers that, upon smashing the markers together, the objects react by crumbling or bouncing off each other.

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someone made something working, but the website is down.
blenderartists tread here:

have a look at Ashs website

he is actually still busy with that. I would say it would be really great if somebody get blender working with Artoolkit or even better with artoolkit plus. I mean in a simple and straight forward way!

if you are making something with augmented reality and blender please let us now!

From what I’ve gathered it seems the current solution is non-portable and not too straight forward to use.

It seems like it would make for an interesting project - I’m hooked on playing around with Blender after completing the beginner section of the ‘noob to pro’ book! I don’t want to re-invent the wheel, however.

I’ll have a think about if it’s going to be worth while; I have other project ideas I’m considering as well, but this one seems the most interesting to undertake


This would be great. I’m all for AR in Blender. I tried to get Ash’s AR system up but had no luck. A simple to use interface coupled with the BGE would be fantastic. Do it! Do it!


I have been thinking of how to do augmented reality in the game engine for awhile now. I was think of a map making and tracking program instead of a marker based program, It seems alot simpler to me. The main thing I need is a program that can track points that it finds in a live video stream, calculate how far the point moved in one frame, then relay this data to blender. If I could find a program that could do this, I think it should be fairly simple to code an augmented reality script. I’m not sure if my ideas would work, and I don’t have enough time to explain in detail, but if anyone knows of a program that does what I stated above, I could try and see. I don’t know if this helped, or even made sense, but there’s my thoughts.

I haven’t looked into it in any great detail, but OpenCV may do what you’re after…

I will look at it more later, but it looks like what I need. It looks kind of complicated, but it will give me a good reason to learn C/C++.

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I had the ARToolkit working in blender with the webcam plugin at one point, but its rather buggy (eg. you have to restart blender every time you start the game engine). Not sure if it’s ready for a serious application, but it’s the best thing existing at the moment so if you’re still interested you should look into it.

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