August Monkeyframers Entry

(Hos) #1

Here is my August Monkeyframers entry:

and here is the blend:

Not my best work, but I hope you like it!


(BgDM) #2

Excellent! Great animation.

Clip sounds like a Bruce Lee movie, correct?


(macouno) #3


(Hos) #4

Yep! (Don’t know which one though.)


P.S. In case folks don’t know, the poll to decide next month’s
soundclip is going on right now until later today (20:00 EST):

(pofo) #5


Hahaha, that’s too cool :smiley:

I love this character

  1. pofo

(kaktuswasse) #6

you rock man!!! Really cool!!!

cya henrik

(Alltaken) #7


(Yamyam) #8

great character and animation! And I can’t get this image from that wavefile!

(Hos) #9

Thank you everyone for your encouraging
remarks. The next round of Monkeyframers
has just begun with a deadline of October 15th.
The soundclip that won the soundclip poll was
this one:

So start animating!


(saluk) #10

Haha, this is great. It fits the sound perfectly.

(theeth) #11

Great job with the sound track Chris, you made the action fit perfectly with it :slight_smile:


(Da Bourz) #12

Very nice, specially the matching of the action with the sound, great !!