Aula - experimental film


this is my second longer video project. If you are into Andrei Tarkovsky’s movies, you may like it. And if not, I hope you’ll like the technical aspect of it. Music was composed by my friend, you can find his name and project description under the video on Vimeo. Made with Blender! : )

more movie renders (still frames):

Short film:


WOW! Reminds of Tarkovsky’s Stalker. Amazing job.

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The lighting is looking great. Terrific scenery too

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Nice indeed. Thanks.

Is it full CG or mixed media? Will you do any breakdown of sorts?

Seriously, the Oscar goes too…This is possibly the most impressive thing I’ve ever seen done with Blender, not that the software is even important here because the work is beyond that anyway. This is better than the Alex Roman short The Third & The Seventh, and that kind of blew up on the internet. This should receive similar attention if there’s any justice.


This is really good!
Especially the slowness of it - although i have to be honest - i skipped a bit around after a while…

May I ask what your background is? Architecture / Art…?

Thanks! It is full CG, no mixed media. Here is a teaser for the film, which is also a little breakdown. Maybe I will do more later.


Thank you, sir! It took quite some time to make it all work together so I appreciate that!

Yeah, the slowness is completely intentional and that is why I do not really care about online presentation of the film - it is mainly intended for presentation in gallery spaces or small cinema. Especially in the cinema, where you are kind of forced to watch it from start to finish (forced in a good way, there is more tension and immersion in the cinema so there is also less chance of boredom during 20 minutes duration). The internet is super fast and instant place. Watching on Vimeo, I would probably skip some parts as well :slight_smile:

And my background - I studied art. In drawing and printing studio. It was, however, more conceptual than formal, so the use of all media and techniques was a possibility.

I was totally imagining these things being shown in galleries, then I looked at your Tumblr and saw that you’ve already been exhibiting. People should go to Vimeo and comment or like, it’d be great to see this become a vimeo staff pick. I was blown away by the apple movie as well, that was epic.

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This is brilliant! The only problem I have, is that you choose a boring still for this post from your film.

Also, this should be featured.

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Impressive !! Pictures are beatiful and the sound is very good. Really love the mood.

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Watched it from start to finish. Amazing experience. On a technical side I am wondering what did you use for rendering and how long were render times?

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This is mindblowing !
Wanted to say something… but i’ll just watch it again…

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amazing work! I agree that it would be better to watch this in the right environment, like a cinema. In front of a computer it’s too slow. But nonetheless, I loved it! Great work!

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Just… :heart_eyes:

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Hands down, one of the most beautiful works i have ever seen. Absolutely beautiful and executed artistically.

Only problem that i noticed while enjoying your movie was that weird camera jitter in around 10:30 and couple of other scenes.

All around, kudos to you sir.

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There is quite some resemblance with Mycelium by the ESMA school:

I love the realism and the plastic bags add a lot of life to the shots.

Are you saying the textures are not based on photographs ?
Is the apple photoscanned ?

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Thank you! I used four GPUs. In order to finish the movie in time, I had to buy some cards during the absolute peak of mining madness. It was quite an experience. I have nightmares to this day - buying insanely overpriced, used cards from strangers for all the money I had. They were all sold out officially everywhere.

The longest rendering time per one frame was like 15 minutes. Others were around 6 to 8.

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Thank you very much! I really appreciate it.
I am aware of multiple places with camera jitter. The causes are: a couple of denoising passes in post process, not so impressive native resolution (below fullHD), and framerate only 24 fps combined with slow camera panning. Unfortunately, I had to make tons of trade-offs.