Aura Effect Tutorial

This tutorial was something that I was working on last year and was suppose to be uploaded last month. However, things were complicated, but I was finally was able to push one out last month. Here it is and enjoy.

Could you make another’s tutorial just in cycles or link how you would do this in cycles

Well, I’m not entirely sure if this COULD be done in cycles. The purpose for creating this effect is because there is not a lot of tutorials that cover special effects using the Blender Internal Render Engine using particles. However, there seems to be a demand for this to be done in Cycles as well so I know how you feel in this predicament. I’ll do some more research on trying to pull this off in the Cycles Render Engine, but you are going to have to be patient since I actually don’t work or even use cycles at all. It would be some time next month when I’ll create an update for this tutorial again.