Aurora nothern light test

(`・ω・´)I created aurora by Particle hair.
Length texture is procedual texture.

Great job Kitten, I’m working with a little planetarium in my association. How I can do that ?
Congratulation !

Nice work overall, but all your lights are appearing and disappearing by moving up and down. They don’t really do that, they mostly just materialize midair. Tone down your current effect and combine it with a changing alpha value and this would be great. Otherwise, the lights look a little “stringy”…but whatever. =)

Thanks for your reply.
In particle tab,texture option,create texture.
In texture tab,select wave texture,apply it to length texture.
Set Keyflame in texture z offset.

Thanks for your advice.
My aurora is improved.


That’s a very cool effect! :slight_smile: