Aurora Of The Dragons | by rogper

Hello friends! This is the “rogper animation” demo reel 2021.
What happened here was that instead of merely grabbing a bunch of client work and join them together with a smooth transaction, as most demo reels do… we made a complete cinematic Teaser out of them! :laughing:

All you see and hear was made by me and @Rute_Perdiz using just Blender (, running in a Linux Mint (, 6 years old, workstation.
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No assets libraries were used although a few Blender add-ons, created from other persons were necessary, especially to speed up the process.
I would like to feature two of these as were keys for the project:

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Made using assets created for the clients:

Now, it’s important to note that:
This was heavily limited by our current workstation hardware.
We can do much better! :slight_smile: In fact, we are already working on something better:

Thank you very much to ALL the persons involved in the Blender development and creation!
Best regards
Rogério Perdiz 2021


It is Live! :slight_smile: