Wanted to make something realistic but it ended up looking gameish :roll_eyes:⠀What y’all think?⠀

How can I turn the render from eevee to cycles? Render doesn’t work in cycles.

Maybe change the ground to water (maybe a lake). The reflection of the aurora would make the whole render more beautiful. Also maybe add some more color variations to the aurora (maybe purple?)

Thank you for advice

The actual aurora is such a strange phenomenon: it often does not “reflect” like you think it would.

Anyhow, I think that the original render looks very good and not at all “game-ish.”

Also – if it’s working in EEVEE … as quite obviously it is … I’d say, “just keep it there!”

Hi, I know that aurora is hardly to see in real life but there is no harm at exaggerating beautiful stuff :slight_smile: