Aurum Montage (Updated June 27)

Okay, so I have an E-Zine in the making with a group of online friends and it is called Aurum Mirandus. Due to the name we declared Micromut (Jay-Man’s Puppy) the mascot. The site can be found here: .
Right now I am working on another wallpaper for the site called Aurum Montage “Life with a Robot Dog” in which I am making a collection of images of Jay-Man and his dog in everyday human-like ways. Shots of Jay-Man and Micromut posed in front of a lake. Jay-Man and Micromut skydiving. Stuff like that.
This image is the first major piece that I am making for it. Can you figure out why Jay-Man is confused?
WIP: lighting; textures of sidewalk and building; grass in between sidewalk and building; door to building; street; Depth of Field; more…

Tell me what you think, please.

PS: The point of this project is environmental modelling and lighting techniques, not to prove that once again I can use Jay-Man. I am attempting to get a more lively set of Jay-Man images like my “Puppies” picture was from in April.

I like the puppy! Nice. Very amusing! :wink:

Oh I get it. The dog doesn’t have a neck, ha!
Nice scene but I still think Jay Man needs more facial expression.

AO 10 (needs to be brighter, so I do know)
Door added with a Spuce Wood texture
Flag added (needs map)
Window added (display needs to be made)
Sidewalk changed to blocks
More to come

Eva: lol I have been thinking about making this shot for a while now with a dog collar, and now I am finally getting a chance in between working on a poll/voting system in PHP for my e-zine. If you haven’t noticed, Jay-Man has received a dose of plastic surgery in the last month. He now has seems on his hands, feet, and head. This allows me to turn his head with you being able to tell. I never plan to give Jay-Man a face, but he can Holographically project one over his head. It has yet to be designed, but that is the idea for him to show complex emotion.
Micromut has such a wide verity of emotion due to the fact that he is a dog. Since dogs don’t often smile (in public), I can use other known actions (such as this playful pose, or a wagging tail for animation).

Expect an update tomorrow with a brighter AO and maybe some texture work on the building. Now, tell me what is peculiar about the bench that Jay-Man is on.

The chair seems to be floating in the sky

Yep, the bench seat is hovering. I am working on engines on the sides of it to give it a reason to be hovering, but yeah, it is floating.
This is brighter than the last post. 3 hours to render with AO 1.5 Energy and 12 Samples.

Flag has a slight curve (am thinking about not making a flag, but instead a store sign)
Green added where Grass will soon be

More to come.
Flag changed to sign (rings will be changed to clamps) and texture added.
Brick added to one wall for testing the idea. (Will continue adding it to the rest of building today)
Room added behind window (manicans will be added to model clothes soon)
Concrete texture added to sidewalk (done)
Curb has been extruded from sidewalk
Road blacktop added (texture in progress)

Up Next:
More Brick
Texturing of Brick
Better texture for the engines on bench
Manicans to model clothing in store window
Better Blacktop

C&C welcome

i dunno y the bench dont work now that u told me that thing is an engine lol to be honest i thought it was some wierd cool looking trash can that hovered too… i think the main reason it aint working for me is if someone did design a hovering bech it wouldn’t have legs … and like the engines would be connected from the sides with bars or something … i dunno juss lil strange to me the pics nice n all i like it juss the bench n the legs and floating dont really work im not tryin to be mean and dont wanna say nuttin to make ya mad at me im not to good with blender yet lol but juss making a comment :smiley: look forward to seeing the other sences u have planned

Actually, there are no legs on the bench, and the engines are attached. I am working on an idea for a better attachment clamp for the engine to the bench right now, because I already noticed that it seemed from this angle that it wasn’t attached. Thing is is that this image is being build for this angle, meaning that if I move the camera, you’ll see Sky. I will work on making the blend between the bench and engines better so it is easier to tell that their is a connection.

okay its coo i like it looking forward to seeing more :smiley:
Brick added to everything below ledge (texturing is done too)
Clamps added to hold sign to the pole
New texture for engines and chain (faster render time)
Post-processing tests

Up Next:
Door handle and hinges
Small door hall needs to get bricked or something
Engine clamps
Show window for Clothing Store (Just Enough Styles U Should Seriously Love)
Ledge bricks
Top building bricks
Grass (this will be done last)

The new background added a lot to the scene. I love the colors, very nice. It all has this fun cartoony feel to it. I’ve never seen a bench placed right in front of a display window, but then again it’s a floating bench so maybe it moves around?

About Jay Man’s face… the small round part on the seam could be mistaken for his nose so he would be looking up at the store sign and not down at his dog.

Yes, I agree. The background is starting to bring life into this image. If you like it so far, you’ll love the Model I am working on for inside the Show Window. I am modelling her shirt right now, and I am wondering if there should be two females or a male and a female. :goes to ponder:
Door handle added
Bricked top
Hand Rails added

Up Next:
Hinges for door
Engine clamps
Show Window
& more…