Australian Christian Children's TV Program in Pre-Production

Hi All
We are looking at applying for funding to produce a children’s TV program for Christian Television Network. If we are successful we will be looking for 3D artists to help us out as currently I have been doing all the 3D work up until this point. Until we know how much funding we’ve been given we obviously can’t say how much we can pay so we’re just asking for expressions of interest at this stage. We are after intermediate experienced artists to help us model and animate from storyboards. We have already produced a pilot that is available on Youtube, search “Car Park Parables Teaser” The style we are aiming for is Pixar Cars. There’s a handful of cheap ‘gaming’ looking Christian animation out there so we want to stand out with our quality animation and models.

Car Park Parables follow the adventures of a group of cars parked in a church car park every weekend. At first they find being at church boring, but when Old Mr T (a model T ford) offers to tell them the stories being told in the church – with cars as the main characters - something exciting begins to take place. The parables of Jesus are some of the classic foundational stories of Western Culture. The Prodigal Son becomes the Prodigal Ute, the Good Samaritan the Good Station Wagon, but it is how the main characters are transformed that is the real story.

Car Park Parables is already a successful Australian book series with over 30,000 books in print.

If anyone is interested, please PM or reply!

Head of Production
Car Park Parables

I’d be happy to help with whatever I can!!! I’m a Christian (From the US), but this sounds like a great idea… I’m not nearly as you obviously are, but I’m sure I can help with some of the more simple projects… :wink: Anyways, I hope you’ll accept my help :smiley:
PS: Assuming this is a paying job… (since it’s under paid works) how much are you offering?

Thanks for reading

Hi Joey,
As I said, we are unsure of budget until we’ve received funding and interest from the networks. But we will definitely pay artists. Do you have any animation work or do you just do 3D modelling?

We’re hoping for Christian animators and modellers but are open to anyone willing to be a part of this project.


Hello, I am a 3D artist and I am interested. .I have over 6 years of experience using Blender like a 3d generalist. Casually I realized a video with similar cars to the pixar. I not yet finish off my demoreel, but believe that it can interest you. …so if you are interested , please you can write me to : [email protected]

I’d be happy to put myself forward for any 3d modelling, lighting, or materials work. Additionally, 2d work such as design or painted scenery elements.

I myself being a christian, would love a chance to use my skills for God, so if given one, I would certainly do my best work possible. Even if there aren’t any positions open, I’d be happy to provide my somewhat powerful computer to help cover some of the rendering.

If you are interested then let me know, then I can perhaps PM you my email adress so that we can chat more. (:

Um, I just model, for now :expressionless: I’m attempted some animation, and failed… But I’m sure with some real motivation I’d find a way to do it… :wink: Um, I peak in my modeling though… I’ll go for just about any budget as you’ve probably seen on my profile, I’m 13… Um, here’s a Demo Reel I did a couple days ago…
It’s not too great, as I made it in just a couple of hours, and put little thought into it… But it gives you some idea of what I do :wink:

Well said Daniel :slight_smile: I hope we both (if there are enough positions open) can work together on this project… as I feel the same as you… However, unlike you, I don’t have a very powerful computer… :frowning: So I can’t do too much rendering… :frowning:
God Bless You Daniel, and I hope you get the job :wink:

PM sent please check for the details…

Thanks guys, I’ll be in touch as soon as we find out more info. It’s great to see so many people wanting to help out for the kingdom of God!

Hey, sounds interesting. I would like to help. Here is my demo reel

Ok i would love to help you tell me what you need :slight_smile:

Is there a way of being able to keep up to date with the progress of the project? (:

@Joey: Ah, thanks very much - I’m sure that it would be a pleasure to work with you also!

Yeah, subsribe to this thread, then check up on it via your settings :wink: Subscribing is done via thread tools on the top of this thread :wink:


I’m a full time freelance artist based in the U.S. I have studio experience in children’s cartoon animation as well as stylized and realistic modeling. I’m available and very interested. My animation reel and resume can be found on my website at I also have several modeling projects posted on my site for modeling samples.

-David Radford

Hi Guys,
Yep will be in touch with everyone who has contacted us regarding this project. We’re just nutting out logistics and a way forward as to how to approach the pilot episode and getting 3D artists involved.

Thanks for your patience!


I’ve worked on 3 feature films within the last two years, two of which are planned for Theatrical release within the next 8 months. I have spent a number of years working with 3d modeling and animation. I am very interested in what you are doing and would love to get involved. You can take a look at my portfolio here…

Thank you, Tim H.

How many positions do you have open? Just wondering…

Hi, I am a 13 year old blender user from New Zealand and would love to help out. I can make good models of a lot of things, especially airplanes. I have a blend swap account, heres the link to what I’ve made…
Thanks, Blenderednelb

Please check me demoreel Thanks!

please check my demoreel