Australian house

my most recent work, i hope you like it.

Nice renders as usual. Can you also share the lighting settings for this scene? I’m struggling with daylight scene in cycles, and where did you get those plants and trees?

haha should have put an xr6 on the driveway, then itll be reaaall aussie hahah

Overall this looks excellent, but now I have to point out the details that should be corrected, you have floating leaves on the side walk, grass growing up through the driveway near it’s edge, and I believe the grout on the brick work is not right at the corners of the house.

Also, the tree doesn’t look really convincing in the closer shot, so I’d avoid using that angle or remove or replace the tree.

These should be easy to fix right?

Good images.

The whitepoint looks a little high to me. The images will pop if you lower that value.

Of course, I will attach some screenshots, the bushes are models that I bought and the trees are “The grove 3d”

Thank you very much for your critical comments, I will try to improve it and I will post a bit of the progress

Thanks, I think blenderartist changes the colors a bit of the images when uploading, but I will also keep in mind friend.

Looks great! The lighting is the best aspect of these renders in my opinion, very nice work!

Yeah that’s been happening to me also come to think of it.

Nice exteriors.
Have you seen the tree bark material nodes over at the blender tests by Maxime?

Thank you so much!

if you want you can check in ArtStation and tell me what it looks like

Wow! incredible, thank you very much, I will try to use it