Authentic Blenderian Object Offering

(IamInnocent) #1

Out of my production, there’s a good 10% that I could legally make public. I’d like you to to visit and comment afterward the following two pages.

Here’s what I’d like to know, although anything that comes to your mind is fine too.

  • were the explanations sufficient and clear ?

  • could you use the files relying on them ? If not, what are the questions you’d like to see answered ?

  • what changes, additions or enhancements would you wish to see ?

  • lastly but most importantly, is it worth the trouble, mine or yours ? Do you believe that there’s any use for such object, offered under that template/model form ?
    Would you rather like static, definitive but unadaptable versions of the objects ?

I have plenty more to offer but I must know that there’s a clear demand somewhere, somehow for that stuff.

The pages :

Thanks for your time.