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I am looking for authors who want to write an article on the website So far, I wrote more than 100 articles, and cannot manage to keep up with the speed addons appear. In return, you can submit an add you want to appear under the article. Or if you want something else in return, let me know.

This is the criteria for an article:

  • Has to be about a blender addon. Or occasionally other software related to Blender.
  • Priority for free addons, but can also post addons until 5 dollar. Or occasionally 10 dollars, depends.
  • Article needs at least 300 words. Better is around 500.
  • Articles need a cover of 500x500 px. Best is .jpg.
  • Cover needs to have alt tags and description.
  • Preferable a picture in the article, for example screenshot.
  • Addon needs to work (for the most part) at the time of writting in Blender 2.8x.
  • Title of article is in the format x x addon. For example Text curver addon.
  • Every paragraph needs to have the title somewhere. (so that is the keyword).
  • Use of transition words is preferable.
  • Use of active voice is preferable.
  • Article needs to be assigned to a categorie and needs 1 or more tags.
  • First alinea shows immediately what the addon is for. Like: with the text curver addon you can …
  • Last alinea: where to download. Need special instructions for downloading?
  • You can also write about yourself somewhere in the article, but keep the first alinea clean.

What happens with donations?
These are for paying the webhosting provider and if there are more donations, then we can improve the website.

At the moment the website attracts more than 1000 visitors each day.

I don’t have experience in inviting authors on a Wordpress website, so it could be some communication is needed.

Let me know if you are interested.

Robert (aka Peetie, New Media Supply).