Autism Awareness Poster - Forest Scene

My General Art teacher is having us all enter a contest as a graded assignment. The contest is to make the best post to help raise autism awareness I guess, and it must have the word “Autism” and “Create Change” somewhere in the image, as well as a puzzle piece. We were allowed to use any medium we wished, so obviously, I chose Blender :cool:

Critiques very much appreciated!

Edit: Not sure if I like it better without the slight sun-ray effect. What do you think?

Something tells me that the winning image in this contest will have content that is relevant to either autism, or creating change.

Hahah, great point. Unfortunately my extreme lack of skill in creating human characters made it very difficult to come up with a scene idea. This was the best I could do to incorporate the elements required.

You’re limiting yourself if you think your only two choices are “creating human characters” or creating a complete non-sequitur.

What you’ve got here is not an “idea”. It’s a really nice nature scene, but the concept would be no different if you modeled a storm drain, a living room, a mountain, etc. then dropped in the words and puzzle piece in the same way.

Let’s take the forest you’ve already got here: Maybe you could start by showing something in the forest that’s changing? Can you incorporate the puzzle piece in a way that doesn’t look like you dropped it there by accident?

I think you could improve on the material of the font. It looks like metal, which doesn’t seem to belong in a forest. I would use a very plain material with a low spec, and primary colors, like orange.

This is why I love the BlenderArtists forums. It’s people like you that push me to make my artwork better and ‘break the norm’. Your comment is the reason I’m continuing this project, so thank you. :slight_smile: Anyway, I’m gunna see if I can replace the center of a flower I made a little while ago with the puzzle piece, make the coloration of the peddles odd (maybe rainbow) and fit it into the scene somehow. Probably going to have to move a lot around. Here we go!

@Modron, I will also try some other materials for the words and see what I like. It is currently literally just the default material :stuck_out_tongue:

My eyes went straight to the pictures, but I didn’t know there was a puzzle piece there until you told me. You’ve framed it well and I should have seen it, but even if I had, it doesn’t look like a puzzle piece from this angle.

Updated picture. What do you think? Trying to think of more ways to involve “Create Change”.

Well, just an idea, have one side of the image full of dead things and suck most of the color out, and then have a gradiant to lots of living things and saturate the hell out of it.

First, it looks great,
second, maybe model a bush or a flower, or something colorful that will draw attention to “Create change”. Then you can light up the “Autism” without having a problem
Good luck!:cool: tells me that the winning image in this contest will have content that is relevant to either autism, or creating change.

I’m curious, without using the words ‘autism’ ‘create’ or ‘change’, can you explain what this poster is trying to say? The forest theme is something you’ve been working on for a while, and while it is very good, you can’t expect to just drop in some random words and have it relay a message.

It’s the last night before the due date and I’ve come up with three versions, one of which is still rendering and will be posted in a little while.
Okay, I’ve been asked a lot how is relates to the words in the scene. The puzzle piece is obviously the symbol for autism, and the flower with the puzzle piece center is the ONLY flower in the entire scene. Showing 1. That it’s lonely and seems out of place. 2. That it’s still beautiful. In the Second Image I took this even further and had grass growing out from the base of the flower. This demonstrates the create change as the flower is slowly starting to change the forest and in the future there will be more beauty (Despite the grass looking like crap because I quickly took the particle system from one of my old projects and applied it here). There you go people, the final images. I will let my art teacher choose which is best for the contest.

much improved so far. However, I still don’t understand how the 3 elements “Autism”, “create change” and the puzzle piece are supposed to be related. If I had to guess, the puzzle piece growing out of a flower represents the change. But that’s about all I can glean from this. I went back and read your explanation. None of what you find obvious is actually obvious, “The puzzle piece is obviously the symbol for autism”… I actually thought it was the symbol for OVERCOMING autism until you said that - nearly the opposite of what you meant to convey.

I think you can still nail the meaning you want, but you might need to move the text around some more. As it is, the eye does not follow the 3 elements in a logical progression, which ruins the effect you are going for.

It’s technically slick, but as a design is still not successful.

Hi, only just saw this thread, bit late, my 2 cents:

What message do you want the poster to convey? given the instructions? what is the change?

off the top of my head:

Positive change in attitude towards people with autism, the puzzle piece is the autistic child being forced to fit in with the bigger picture, the change would be altering the pieces around the autismtic puzzle piece to allow it to fit in, in it’s current shape.

your puzzle piece already looks like a stylised head, put a smiley face on it, place it in a larger puzzle with the pieces around it altered to allow it to fit, accepting it as it is.