New month, new project. The Star Destroyer is on hold for a month or two until i get my Star Wars mojo back. But i’ve got my robot mojo on at the moment after the breif fling with the fish project.

The problem is that i love modelling, but not so much everything else. This is alreay 113,000 x 2 verts, with about 80 x 2 components. However i’ve modelled it with rigging in mind so it should all be good apart from the heel, which may require a bit of sideways thought…

It´s looking great!!

What technique are you using for modeling?? Poly, Nurbs??

Polygonal modelling, done badly.

Done the crotch area.

Looks good so far. Can you post a mesh and wire?

Looks great, I think i saw a mesh shot on here the other day, looks like it’s been replaced… :slight_smile:

It looks just like the robots from TFs movie. Will you make a transforming animation…? (hehehe)

How is something like this created? Are you using reference material? Your own drawings or simply creating it as you go? Have you done alot of researh for this design?

I love it, I wish I could model like that! Can’t wait to see it finished! :eek:

You call that bad? I would love to model half that good. It’s awesome dude! Great work!

When i say done badly, i’m not really saying that the final result is bad, i’m quite pleased with it so far, but i mean that the mesh is un-organised, there are loads of places whare i have more polys than i need and few places where i have less polys.

Also there are lots of components which have 20 small cylinders in a circle inside a donut shaped mesh and toger it looks quite cool, but as you can imagine, its not very difficult to do a cylinder.

If i was clever enough, all that mesh would be unified, with a suprisingly few number of poly’s.

As for whether i’m using refrence: go on to CGTalk and look up Auto-bot, you will see quite a few simarlarities, but i will make it more my own when i’m doing the torso and back because the image i’m looking at only shows the front.

Small update, working on proportions a little.

Accidentally deleted this image.

Are you planning on reducing your polys now or later on with decimator or other crude tools? I would atleast try to stay below 1M verts. You should be able to fake alot with normal mapping and plain textures without much problem. The holes in your donuts or example. :slight_smile:

I’m aiming at about 1 million in total, after that, rigging will be too slow on my computer. Its already a bit jerky because at the moment its about 1/4 million poly’s : 1/2 million verts, but thats okay.

I’ll be getting a new computer somtime before christmas, stuff like this will be easier then.

Wow thats a lot of verts. My computer is bogged down after about 100,000 verts. it is like 5 years old though :frowning: . I really want a new one.

Great start! By the title, is it going to be a full blown transformer or a bot-of-auto-type-parts? Both cool, just I started making an Optimus Prime (realistic, but like the cartoon truck, not the Michael Bay semi) and gave up when I realised the sheer amount of parts that would a) need modelling and b) need rigging in a way that worked for bot and truck.

All the best with this one, coming along well. Also, might help to have torso parts on layer one, a leg each on layer 2, 3 etc etc and then have the rig viewable on all layers to help your computer out a bit.

I needed to see this. now I feel inspired to go back to work on making a giant robot (lol)

Great work, I’d love to see this with materials in indigo =)

nice modelling man, will be epic when it’s finished, kicks my bot hands down :smiley:
I don’t know if you want the bot to have realistic proportions but if you do his knee joint is to small. The amount of force going throught the knee joint is massive and so should be in proportion to the size/weight of his body.

oh if you want a good ankle tut (the best i’ve seen) check this Obviously you’ll need to adjust for the wheel etc…


Another small update.

Got it standing upright and balanced, he/she/it was leaning backwards before. The upper torso is a bit tricky because parts are going to brach off in 5 directions, so i’m not thinking just up and down anymore. The internal parts are a bit less complex than the legs at the moment because you will only be able to see parts of them, with extra greebles over the top and they will most likely be in some kind of shadow. I’ve also bulked up the “knees” slightly.

Hmmm to many verts? Just design the shot from the waist down, gunslinger style! Top model so far, will love to see rig at end.

Its lagging at 1/2mil verts o.O what are you running? I only have a gig of RAM and generic specs and I can run 3mil before lagging (yes with many seperate objects to) Anyway, its a great model so far =)