Auto Curve modifier

Hi guys!

Im often using curve modifier for modeling roads.
Last time, I came across an idea, what if there would be Auto Curve Modifier?
Is there any similar option? Curve modifier, which automaticly extrudes mesh to path curve? Because in long roads extruding takes a lot of time. Thanks!

‘Auto’ ? in what way Auto ?
Can you clearly explain what you are thinking of. Show images to show what benefit this has over current tools. There may be simple methods to do what you want already but to me it is unclear what that is.

Have you thought of using a small piece of the road and then using the array modifier to repeat the section along the curve? That is pretty much auto with the option to control everything. If you apply both modifiers you may have to remove duplicate vertices, but that’s just a button click.

By Auto I mean automaticly extruding along the path, because I now have to extrude with E key and mouse click.
Array modifier. Thanks, Ive just forgotten about it!

I now have new problem with array modifier combined with curve modifier.
That is, if I create cube mesh, after appyling textures and modifiers, the road wont come very smooth. Otherwise, if I create smaller, thiner cube mesh, to get smoother road model, textures will be repeated too many times and it wont look so good.

I knida guessed what you’re trying to do , but i wouldnt use an array modifier for it
try Using 2 curves, one for the direction of the road, one for the surface,
for example we have 1 curve called “roadshape” and another called “roadpath”
select “roadpath”
go into the properties;curve;geometry, tab and in the “bevel” option, select the curve “roadshape” now this curve(or path) will be extruded along the length of “roadpath” now you can change the various options (uv levels, subdivisions, and resolution) and also edit both curves in edit mode as usual. which means it can be extruded and rotated like any other path.

now… when you complete the section of road you need, I would duplicate it (in case you wanna change it later) convert that new extruded curve to a mesh (alt-c) now edit this mesh for UV wrapping, texturing, and other fine detail modifications… now use the origiginal unconverted curve with your curve modifiers, so you can add streetlights, signs, and other “repeating” roadside features you could even make the white paint lines in the road, from long rectangular planes repeated using the array and curve modifiers

This should allow you to get beautifully smooth yet detailed road shapes without using array and curve modifiers on square blocks to get the road surfaces.

There’s also the taper curve option(next to the bevel option above) which you can use to vary the width of the extruded curve (and therefore the width of the road) by using a third curve as a guide… I hope this is explained correctly as my english is not great.