Auto deselect option ?

Hi All,

I was wondering if this is something hidden within Blender but i was wondering if there is an option to deselecting previous selection upon my new selection of vertices, edges etc.

I know I can deselect them manually or use A but this is just an extra step. I am coming from Max/Maya and I find it rather uncomfortable.

Can anyone please suggest a way to work around it ?


RMB on any object/control point should automatically deselect the rest. Maybe you’re pressing Shift + RMB?

Coming form Maya? You can just change the control scheme to fit your liking… When you open up blender, there is a button that says “Interaction : Preset” on the splashscreen. Just change it to Maya (it can also be changed in User Preferences). And, if you’re so inclined, you could customize your controls in the User Preferences, under Input.
Now to answer, you can go into the “paintbrush selection” using the key: C, and Middle Mouse Button to deselect the verts/edges/faces you want, or LMB to select the ones you want. It’s faster than manual selection and only deselects what you want…

Hi Guys,

Sorry didn’t get back to you earlier.
Thanks very much for your help I actually found the solution almost instantly after I have submitted the thread yet I still wanted to see other ways around it.

James you are correct when you right click on a particular edge/vertex then yes it deselects everything before that but what if i need to select 10 edges in one go it would only add to my previous selection - so instead of me right clicking on something I want to just draw my border selection and for it to automatically deselect previous selection.

TheKingDweeb ahh yes I have been using this preset before but it has ups and downs because then I loose everything that Blender does well (beside following any tutorials would become harder). By the way Paintbrush selection method is nice. My idea was to change the very basics yet retaining most of Blender stuff at default. So i switched to Maya navigation but left keyboard shortcuts at Blender default. Then I changed things that conflicted and finally changed the border selection from B + clicking to just mouse clicking and drawing. So if anyone else is interested to know how to deselect previous selection then in keyboard configuration under 3DView>3DView Global> Border select (Expand) and untick “extend” and that is all there is to it.

I guess not many Blender users would know it because people mostly stick with defaults. Hopefully it helps anyone struggling with Blender default configuration and who wants more of a smooth transition from other apps like Max/Maya.

Thanks very much guys for your help.

This is what a lot of people do, and for the lasso too, but you should take the time to set up another shortcut with ‘shift B’ with the extend option selected to get full use out of this method

Hi DruBan,

Thanks for stopping by. Yes for sure using the select with extension is required no doubt, so I will add that with lasso or I would rather duplicate border selection tool and change it to something else, but not sure if it is possible. As in have a border that does just selection without extension and border selection with extension instead of lasso.