Auto desk import


I am using blender in my job to do primarily building modelling. Soon I will be importing autodesk .dxf files and texturing them. My problem is that when imported the buildings come in with no active verticies. The only way I have found to make the faces active is to click on them (each face being a separate object), switch to edit mode then back to object mode. This is quite time consuming considering i’m working with over 20, 000 separate objects. I was wondering if anyone had a solution to this problem…I would be most appriciative of any help

Thanks alot



That’s exactly what I do for work - start with CAD data of houses, condos, high rises etc, then finish in 3ds Max. And the same thing happens. in Cad, we trace all the elevations with lines on different layers to represent different building materials (ie brick, shingles, siding etc), then max creates object names based on layer. then we isolate each object type by name. I’m pretty sure blender can do this same thing using the outliner.
The only other way I can think of solving your problem is if you were to draw your cad with 3D polylines instead of 2D lines. but they are tricky to manipulate in AutoCad. We make heavy use of polylines tracing around each planar surface, then closing the pline.
good luck!

thanks alot for the tip… however, unfortunately the cad models I am using are not made by me, rather they are provided by a private firm so I am not able to change the way in which the cad models are created, I will try and get them to classify the different layers (ie. shingles) in the manner you disscussed…however I have a feeling they will be reluctant to do so.Tthanks alot for a great tip, and if I come across a more efficient means to separate out the imported objects in blender I will be sure to post it.

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we get our CAD data from our clients as is as well, but we use autocad to redraw over the walls and features we need. If you don’t have/can’t afford autocad, try progecad LT (free) or one of the pay variants - based off Intellicad, which is native autocad.
Good Luck.

Thanks for the advice, what I may end up doing is starting from scratch.