Auto Drawing Tool

Hi. The Add-on makes fake drawing animation, mainly using Freestyle with Build modifier.
It would be useful to make presentation of a product, or education videos, or homework of art in minutes.

Tutorial Video:


  1. Download the zip file (or take zip file from Github: auto-drawing-tool).
  2. In Blender, go to File > Use Preferences > Add-ons, click “Install from file”, and select the zip file.
  3. Activate “Animation: Auto Drawing Tool” in Animation category.

Basic Usage:

  1. Select an object.
  2. Go to toolshelf on the left of 3D view. In Animation tab, there is “Auto Drawing Tool” box.
  3. Set start frame and end frame for animation, then click on “Set Auto Drawing” button.
  4. Render animation.

After click on “Set auto drawing”, options show up below:

  1. Enable/Disable process
  2. Line Thickness
  3. Freestyle Preset
  4. Change Drawing Order(Only for MESH)

Github - Auto Drawing Tool:
Tutorial Blog - Blender New Add-on: “Auto Drawing Tool”:


Thank you very much for sharing this addon! This looks fun to play with it.

I am using blender 276b
your addon works for simple cube/monkey
but for a real project, there is no option in the tool panel

btw, there is no build/freestyle for lamp, so could you please add some code to judge the selected object’s type?

YAFU. Thank you for comment.
If you have a problem or bug or suggestion about the addon, please give me.

Hi Oyster.
The option is supposed to show up after click “Set Auto Drawing” button, at the bottom of tool shelf as different panel.
I think the red circle in the screenshot indicates inside of tool shelf. So, is there a panel below the tool shelf after click the button?
I just added words for options in tutorial, like “After click on “Set auto drawing”, options show up below”.
If it is a point to confuse users, I’m pleased to get an advise to improve it.

Also, to deal with proper object types, I changed the code to ignore objects except for mesh, curve, text in v0.2.1. So that if select multiple objects, error messages don’t bother users.

If you have more correction, suggestion or bug report, please give me.

version 0.2.1 updated:

  1. It now can work for multiple selected objects.
  2. End frame remains if it is longer than auto drawing’s end frame.
  3. Objects other than mesh, curve, or text will be ignored.

Ok, I think the addon is very good as it is, but since you ask :slight_smile:
Maybe it might be useful an option for follows a selected curve used in combination with Drawing Order options. I do not know, I’m thinking of an effect that follows a spiral curve for example.
And perhaps some way to choose the radius of influence of the curve over the mesh.

no, there is no a panel below the tool shelf after click the button ‘Set Auto Drawing’ even for your update addon

Yes a curve perhaps generated from the Grease pencil would make an easy way to build letters like handwriting or painting over a space. Simply draw across the field of the image with the GP then convert to curve and follow that for the build. Is that possible?

YAFU, Thank you for suggestion. Changing drawing order along with curve seems good for more fancy drawing animation.
I’m testing bmesh’s sorting face function for the functionality.

3pointEdit, It may be possible. I think the hardest part is how to project curve’s line over position of vertices, and making effect on multiple objects.
Since it is my first add-on, I need to learn more to implement it.

Thank you for report, Oyster.
I’m also using Blender2.76b, but the panel comes as the tutorial video.
So if it’s not too much bothering, can you let me know whether the blank panel below the tool shelf can be always seen as default, like the screenshot?
And if you operate other function, for example go to edit mode and subdivide an object, is the panel shown at left bottom?

sorry, my fault. The panel is hidden in my project, I don’t know when it has been set to hide.
Now you addon works fine.

a request: after clicking the button ‘Set Auto Drawing’, the current frame goes to 1 or previous value

Oyster, OK at least the panel problem was cleared-up.

Jumping at the end frame was intentional, to see result of Freestyle at last frame. But if it is useless, I will change it as your request. Let me think about it.

Updated to version 0.2.2:

  1. Not to change cursor after selecting “Change Drawing Order” except for “CAMERA”.
  2. Not to change frame after clicking “Set Auto Drawing”.

Zip download link is the same link on the first post.

Is the zip file suppose to be encrypted. The one that i got is.

Thank you for this great addon!

SHABA1, The zip is the direct link to raw zip in github’s repository. I don’t know much about how Github’s encryption work. But I think if you can download the zip file, you can install from the zip file or extract files from zip.

Auto Drawing Tool v0.3.0 released.
Download link is the same as the top post.

It contains a new option “Draw Objects In turn” that allow users to draw selected objects in order, instead drawing at the same time.
The video shows how to use the new option.


  1. New option “Draw Objects In Turn”: It includes “SIMPLE” and “ALONG_CURVE”.
  2. Fix behavior of applying material/world: Now it makes new material/world not to change existing ones.
  3. Fix behavior of changing setting: Now it can turns on/off modifiers, rendering engine, freestyle, afterward.

Blog post about the version:

if the build modifier can supply more options, then your addon can replace more motion graphic case in C4D