Auto IK doesn't work with imported game skeleton

I imported a model from a game that had its own skeleton, but the auto ik option in pose mode doesn’t work at all.

The hand bone here just moves as it would without it enabled. I also looked at some ik rig tutorials and they all have different looking bones from mine.

Is there a way to get auto ik to work with my different type of armature?


Is there a way to get auto ik to work with my different type of armature?

Blender only has 1 type of armature and that is the bones that you show in the second picture. They can be displayed in different ways and can be given custom shapes, so they can be made to look like anything, including the spheres your pictures show. You control how bones appear in the armature properties panel, under ‘display’. If the ‘shapes’ option is checked, then you are viewing the bones as custom defined shapes. Unchecking that option will display the bones as bones and not shapes. Additionally, bones can be controlled by other objects, like spheres.

So to really figure out what is going on, you need to see what those spheres do. Are they custom bone shapes, or mesh objects that are controlling the bones? Or something else? Since it’s imported, maybe there is an option to the importer that might give you a clue as to what those spheres are… dunno…

You could post the file so someone can look at it.


the spheres are the bone shapes. heres what they look like with the bone shapes turned off.

and heres the blend file in case anyone wants to help out. i still i havent figured out why auto ik doesnt work.

Auto IK needs connected bones. All the bones in your rig are parented unconnected.

Your bones are set up only to deform mesh when moved but are not structured together for posing in Blender. They are just mesh deformers to be used by a different rig (in game engine) I suppose. Or you didn’t get all the rig.

Edit: All this sentence was incorrect: [ The only way to pose in Blender with this rig is to (pose mode) select all bones in chain you want to transform (ex: select all bones from finger tips to elbow to rotate arm at the elbow).] No need to select all - the bones are parented - just unconnected. What was I thinking??

Vertex weighting between bones isn’t good so if you do pose the model with these bones you’ll notice the deformation at joints is terrible.

I suppose you could build another bone structure and constrain what you’ve got to that but since these bones are just floating “mesh grabbers” you’d probably be better off starting over from scratch if you want to pose/animate this model in Blender.

Edit: See above. Btw I should’ve just answered the question. You probably already know this other info.


So does that mean I would need to make an IK rig manually if i want to pose/animate it, or would the model require an entire re-rigging to have the bones connected?