Auto IK isn't working.

I have 3 characters in my scene, and auto IK won’t work on one of them.

On the characters where it does work, the MMB won’t change the chain length. Anyone have any idea what’s going on? Is there a setting that needs to be changed to allow/disallow auto IK?

Is auto-ik turned on for the character? When the armature is in pose mode, there is an option in the tool shelf to switch auto-ik off/on. I’ve never heard of adjusting the chain length via MMB, I thought the chain stopped when the chain of connected bones ends. BTW, if need be you can fake auto-ik by merely adding an ik constraint and not entering data in the target fields of the constraint.


I didn’t realize that each armature had it’s own auto-IK toggle, and that had me confused.
Thanks! It works fine now.

About the chain length thing:

This says that pageup and pagedown or the scroll wheel should work. It turns out I was using the wrong shortcuts for pageup and pagedown (I’m on a Mac).
But still, the scroll wheel doesn’t work.


I accidentally discovered that the scroll wheel + Command button does work. This is not what the documentation says! Should I be informing someone about this?