Auto IK issue


I downloaded an animated rig from Mixamo. In order to correct and tweak the animation, I’m attempting to enable Auto IK, and place the feet where I need throughout the sequence.

The Auto IK only works if I go into Edit and check the “Connected” option (under Bone Properties > Relations). However, the bones (only focusing on legs) snap to their parent, losing the offset entirely. While now the IK works as needed, this doesn’t do any good for the actual model.

Is there any way to enable IK (Auto, or otherwise) whilst keeping everything in place?

Again, this is a keyframed animation, and I’m only looking to adjust feet placement without having to work my way up the entire rig via FK.


AutoIK uses “connected” property to decide how far to make the chain length.

You probably shouldn’t be using spine0 as part of the IK chain, as that will affect the other leg as well (which is presumably parented to spine0.) Oh, and your entire model I guess, since spine0 looks like your root. So here, you should really only be making calf and foot connected, not thigh.

For other situations, you can snap the parent’s tail to the child’s head before connecting.

But you should also just look into using real, actual IK constraints. It’s nothing to be scared of.