auto ik stopped working

Hi, i was animating this character for a game and the auto ik just stopped working. How can I fix it?

Thanks, blendermonkey

Anyone? Please, this is kinda urgent.

I’ll just get on fixing it now :slight_smile:

Thank you, thank you soo much :smiley:

I have experimented quite a lot and the problem seems to be that you are unable to move the hand… I disconnected the bone and checked the settings that Loc was turned on. I will experiment a bit more :slight_smile:

Edit (after more experimenting): It seems the whole auto-ik system has gone. Did you bug or glitch it? :confused:

I’m just the game animator, so I didn’t make the rig. Everything was fine until I deleted some scale action keys. I was trying to get it to work again, and I pressed something and made it work. But as I started clicking on to figure what I did, I disabled it again :confused:

Ahh ok, I’ll see a bit more :stuck_out_tongue: Was it always IK or not?

I think it was.

I could fix you up with a new IK rig and you can copy the Bone paths… as I didn’t see the previous rig I don’t fully know what the problem is…

Would you like me to give you the blend in witch the rig still works?

FWIW I added a new targetless IK to the foot and it seems to disappear when I go into edit mode (armature selected)