Auto Keyframing Question


Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve been here! The site looks great. Anyway…I was just watching Learning 3D Character Animation with Jeff Lew, by Jeff Lew, and he mentioned “automatic keyframing.” I was curious, does Blender have this feature?

He used Hash’s Animation Master for the DVD, but due to the films that he’s worked on, I can almost guarantee that he’s used this type of feature in other major packages, as well.

Thanks for any hints/tips you guys might have!


PS - If there isn’t this type of feature already implemented in Blender, is there anyone who would be willing to create like a Python script for it? I don’t do that sort of thing (yet). :o

Autokey settings are found in user preferences > edit methods

Welcome back!

Yes, Blender has auto-keyframing! I’m assuming you know the basics of the Blender UI. There are two ways to access the feature.

  • One way is to go to the Preferences window and select the “Edit Methods” tab button. You’ll see a section called “Auto keyframe”. Select the “Action and Object” option.

  • Another way, the best IMO, is to create a Timeline window. On the Header bar, you’ll see a red record button. This button will allow you to quickly toggle the auto-keyframe feature on/off.

Good Luck!

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Thanks sooooo much! I’ll be sure to save this somewhere and keep it for future reference!!! I like Blender so much more, now!!! :smiley:


Also note that this preference is not saved so you’ll need to turn it on every time you re-start Blender, if you want it on.

Also note that when it is on, it affects everything. So, if you move a camera or lamp to a better position while you’re animating, that move will be key framed. If you’re not conscious of this up front, it can drive you a little crazy when you do a full render and see shadows or entire scenes mysteriously shifting.

This is one reason why it is a good idea to use the on/off button in the Timeline Window, rather than setting the user pref.

WOW!!! I never thought I’d ever see AndyD replying to a question of mine! :o

I’ll definitely keep that in mind! Thanks for the tip. Oh, since you’re here, I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your lip-sync tutorial!


WOW!!! I never thought I’d ever see AndyD replying to a question of mine!
Wow! I never thought I’d see a reaction like that! Settle down, I’m just me. I not one of the Blender gurus. You might have me confused with @ndy of Elephants Dream fame (and more). Although the lip-sync tutorial is mine, so thanks for your kind remark.