auto merge

while in edit mode there is an auto merge feature and

i’m trying to use this feature and having some problem to use it

can someone help and explain how to use this properly!


The AutoMerge function is under mesh on the header, and what it does is, that every time two vertex are in the same space they join and one vertex gets deleted, so you save time on Removing doubles.



but does this means that you ahve to adjust in F9 the limit for this merging too?

cause you could merge vertex that are far way let say along the z axis if you looking at top view?

and does this require to be in proportional edit like i saw in a vid ?

that function could be usefull when trying to simplify some objects
so i need to practice it i guess?


Also, for auto merge feature to work, the snap tools must be turned on… (SHIFT+TAB)

More documentation is available at the link below.

I also made a quick video capture showing the process…