Auto Mirror EX

I did not know that it was the official built-in add-on for Blender 2.79.
I tried using it, but I think your script works fine.
Thank you.

“I will restore it for blender 2.8 release.”

Does this mean “make Blender 2.8’s official built-in add-on”?
If so, that is good.
(I’m not good at English, I just talk in translation)

I was really waiting the 2.8 version :slight_smile: I tested it just now, and this messages appears:

2019-03-30 Blender 2.8 confirmed that it has been revived as an official build-in add-on.
This add-on works.
With the official support for Auto Mirror, it is probably better to use this add-on from now on.:innocent:


Thanks for the update, it’s a really useful script and great to have working in nightly builds again. feel free to let us know if you do further updates and thanks again.

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I think that updates by me will probably not be done anymore.
This is because we believe that the current level of completion is sufficient.
Also, for some reason the add-on can not be used, and if I get in trouble without anyone updating, I might update it.


Combines the functionality of the “Mirror Mirror Tool” addon


Demo video:

Added Function:

Combines the functionality of the “Mirror Mirror Tool” addon, which is a Blender 2.79 addon.

Mirror another object to an axis.
First select the objects you want to mirror,
Second select the objects you want to be axis and then execute.
Set up a regular mirror if there is only one selected object.

BlenderAddons/ at master · fornof/BlenderAddons · GitHub

Added Toggle Mirror

Switch on / off the Modifier named Mirror or mirror_mirror.

Added Keymap:

  • Alt + Shift + X …… Mirror X
  • Alt + Shift + Y …… Mirror Y
  • Alt + Shift + Z …… Mirror Z
  • Alt + Shift + F …… Toggle Mirror

Specification change:

Changed all operator names from “object. ~” To “automirror. ~”.
Example: automirror.mirror_mirror_x
This is to avoid operator name conflicts with other add-ons.

! This will require you to correct the operator name if you have key settings that you have registered yourself !


@Bookyakuno that’s an interesting addition :slight_smile:

By the way, I’m (slowly, not enough free time) working on an updated Auto Mirror version for 2.8x versions, using the new 3D gizmo system.


Would it be possible to be able to mirror via an edge in edit mode?

like mark an edge for mirror pos/axis and then select faces and mirror?

May have to create temp pivot TM or empty I guess. Ideally not an empty tho probably. Unless can turn off Undo so it doesn’t come back?

Great work!

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What does TM mean ?

Well I think mirroring only part of the object is a bit out of scope for my add-on. I can add a mirror for the whole object but with a different origin than the current one (for instance, and edge), but mirroring a part of the geometry alone add much more complexity. And it could be done manually (without hacky things like empties ^^) by duplicating the object geometry, and mirroring it apart from the model, and joining it then.

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Ah ok. No problem. Maybe I will try to make something myself , or try to.

But rotation Matrices and that math can be confusing. I made a tool that does it in 3dsmax , but was “easy” because I just align their working pivot to the edge transform that I built. using edge as vector and world Z/Up and cross product for rotation. Then basically yes. Dupe the faces. Detach and mirror and re-Attach.

I ended up making an operator to let me dupe/mirror a mesh in edit mode, based on a a selection. Can mirror via many options as well as offset and rotate after the fact.

Since blender can’t have unique edge vs face selections though as max can, I have an option to mirror via active face.

Mirroring through the selection of a face is a very good idea. Wings 3D has such a command and it is very useful indeed. But… you say that you made such an operator… is it in a modified version of the add-on here? And if it is so, where can someone download it?

It’s all custom. I didn’t release but I could.

It could be good if you release it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey man, any chance you could improve included Mirror Mirror Tool so it takes all selected objects into account, not just last 2 (last selected becomes mirror object and mirror modifier gets added to all previous objects in selection)?

Here is example:

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ver2.7.0 Can now batch processing

All functions can now batch processing multiple selection objects at once.


Yay! I can’t find 2.7 version though, gumroad only has 2.5 and 2.6.

I thought this was merged into Blender and in a 2.81 nightly build I only find 2.52???

Oops … Sorry.
It seemed that the gumroad wasn’t saved properly.
I uploaded it again, so check the “mesh_auto_mirror_2-8_ver2-7” file.

I currently support the version branched from the built-in add-on.

Time series

  1. In Blender ~2.79 - There was AutoMirror addon by Lapineige.
  2. In Blender 2.80a - Lapineige was not supported
  3. In Blender 2.80a - I supported
  4. In Blender 2.80 - The version I supported has been merged into the built-in add-on

Added functions version is supported on gumroad.
It is not yet merge with the built-in add-on.