Auto Reload now supports external libraries - available for Blender 2.8x!

perfect ! it should also work with external renderer like prorender, if anyone has a chance to test it ! :slight_smile:

It’s still not working for me with the 1.2 version. I’m using blender 2.8 (same version as in previous post) on W10. (uninstalled old version, quit blender, installed new addon, restarted blender)

Switching from Photoshop and refocusing on blender after I’ve saved an image with changes still doesn’t update the image in blender. And only when I set the renderer to cycles does it update once, switching to LookDev mode or back to Eevee still or retains the unupdated image.

Where is the reload button in 2.8 interface?

I don’t see any error messages, Console, do you mean the Info window?

ok, did you hit the timer button or the reload button before making changes in your textures ? you have to do in order to have the addon working, it’s not automatic.
The buttons are located in the Properties panel, Scene thumbnail, Auto Reload category !

The error that you described seems to be the common Blender way of working with textures (switching to rendered view reload the textures)

Can you try with both operators and tell me if it worked ? (“Reload” button and “Timer” mode ?)

Cheers !

Ahhh, I didn’t know about the Property Panel > Scene > Auto Reload. It works with the Timer now, both in Eevee and Cycles. :slight_smile: Thank you!

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great ! glad everything’s work :wink:

Cheers !

thankyou man!

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@MmAaXx thanks for your interest

I just updated the addon, it now shows a nice indicator icon when the timer is on !

You can adjust it in the preferences !

You have to download it from master branch of github, i didn’t make a release for this improvement yet

cheers !


yeah, this add-on is very useful

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hi guys, here’s a little update you can find on github

  • add an inspector panel to get a quick look at images from your blend
  • reveal operator in explorer
  • modify image operator to open it with external software specified in the addon preferences (make sure to make this path absolute and not relative)
  • warning icon if the image does not exist anymore
  • active image path to quickly check or replace it


No release yet but you can test it from master repo (clone or download)

I can’t test for mac and linux, if you guys could take a look at these new functions, it would be greaaaaat ! :slight_smile: cheers !

Hi guys, i added a kind of image browser inside the auto reload panel, i know it’s a bit more than the addon was originally designed for, but i think it’s pretty much relevant with working on external image, what do you think ?

Now you have a preview for external image, so you can browse images from your blend file and chose to modify one in photoshop, just one click and you’re in !

Still need some testing on mac and linux though :slight_smile:

pretty rough design here, but the idea’s in it !

cheers !

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Hi, thank you for addon it is very useful!

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Thank you so much for this! Now when im old and on my death bed i wont regret all the time i wasted reloading textures every damn time i made a small change!

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@tonton I’m sooooo blind… where is this Auto Reload button?

I already installed it I think?

Thanks for the help

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Hi, as @NewVisitor show, it is now located in Properties panel, Scene thumbnail !
cheers !

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Ah! Thank you!

i have me only regist here to say…
this addon in combine with substance designer automatic texture export, its like a real time modifikation!
its awesome im so happy :smiley:
my level designe skill have become a great upgrade ! ^^

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thanks for the kind word ! glad it helps your workflow man ! :smiley:

Hi guys, coming back from an amazing Blender Conference, i couldn’t resist to make some python in the train :smiley:
There is new version of Auto Reload Images (which is now called simply Auto Reload) :

the github

It introduces :
- external libraries reloading
- warning when missing image/library

here is a screenshot of the new panel, i’ll post a video tomorrow i think !


Enjoy !


Hey guys, after some testing, i found out a reload timer for libraries is a pretty bad idea, it works fine with small ones, but crashes often with real production character with a lot of dependencies (segmentation fails or something). This seems to be a blender bug, which you can reproduce when reloading a library with builtin outliner context menu several times.

So my approach right now is to have a menu with all libraries listed, and be able to check which one has changed (through a one time operator, or the timer(not yet implemented)) and individually reload it. It can crash also, but it is kind of stable if you don’t reload every 10 seconds !

What do you think ?
Cheers !