Auto Reload v2.0.0 - Reload and Manage Images/Libraries!

Hi BlenderHeads !

Here’s a little addon i wrote some times ago while working on a project with substance painter.
Basically it helps with Blender Image Texture reloading and External Libraries reloading.

It is available for both Blender 2.8x and 2.7x.

it means in blender, you currently have to reload image texture node and external libraries manually when a change happened. For example, working in gimp with blender opened, you change the hue of your character s skin, save your texture, go in blender, reload it and then you can see the result, but when working on several textures (with pbr shading with substance…) it could be redundant and slow process, the addon helps with that !

It adds in your properties scene panel (2.8x) or Info Header (2.7x) 2 buttons, the first one to reload all external images in one click, and the second, to start a modal timer which is going to check your images/libraries every n seconds (you can setup this in user prefs) for a change in the modification time.
If a change happened, image/library will be reload (and only if a change happens, otherwise, it could hurt performances)

Here’s a little demo video

And the GitHub

And for 2.7x version of Blender :

Hope this could be as useful for you as it is or me :wink:

Cheers !


very useful, thanks

thanks ! glad it helps :slight_smile:

The usefull thing. Thanks

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Hello tonton, is there any change you will updated this addon for 2.8? thank you.
now, it’s a must have for my lookdev process.:grin:

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Hi omodo, yep i’m waiting for the official new python api to update all addons i wrote, i’ll post it here when it’s done !
And glad to see it’s useful for you :slight_smile:
cheers !


Great work! :grinning:

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Hi tonton , thanks for great addon, been use 2.8 for a month, this is the addon i missed so much.

any news on the 2.8 version? :smile:

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Here is new release for 2.8 by RenFinkle, i record the video :heart:

Download link in the description


Hey i just saw this fork today, thanks for making the video and thanks to RenFinkle for the port ! i’ve not been able to get some free time on my own, so greatly appreciated ! :smiley:
I’ll merge this request to master asap and change the first post of this thread to reflect it !
Cheers !

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I just made merged the 2.8 fork into master, you can now download it from regular github branch

I just made a few changes from the port :

  • add RenFinkle in addon authors for contribution
  • change version number
  • add addon name in console print message from the addon
  • add single column layout GUI to make it more consistent for 2.8

But all the work have been done by RenFinkle, thx again ! :slight_smile:

Cheers guys !


Thanks, guys really appreciate this.

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Hii tonton, i test this version multiple times, ii works great when you use Eevee, auto reloads instantly,
but i doesn’t seems to be working on cycle renders view port.
it would be great if you can check this out?

ok, i’ll try to take a look next week ! did you catch an error message or something ? or does it just “do nothing” ?

that"s great, :grinning:

no error messages, it just won’t auto update on cycle render view port. btw, i’m mainly using cycle with HDRI Light studio for lighting.

The plugin does now work with latest build (blender-2.80.0-git.89207df7222a-windows64) and Eevee. Only when you use Cycles and changes from eg LookDev and back to Render Preview does it update the texture, yet after that, changing Renderer back to Eevee the old non updated texture is still pressent in view port.


Its worked for me, latest build :open_mouth:

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Hi guys, sorry i didn’t have time to take a good look into it for now (lot of work)
I did try with latest build though (Git-8b2b79c2108b) and everything seems to work for me except for the cycles rendered mode in viewport… But no problem with eevee, lookdev and workbench (render engine, or viewport shading mode).

@JoelArt what os are you using ? Did you test it with the timer mode, or did you just click the reload image button ? have you check the console or catch any error message ?

I’ll try to correct it tomorrow, i’ll keep you posted here !

Cheers !

Hi guys, i just fixed the addon ! i also improved a few things here and there to improve performances !

I tested on windows the version 1.2 (latest release, you can find it here ) with latest blender release (Git-aa003c73245f)

Feel free to test it and report any bugs !

Cheers !

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works like charm on cycle viewport. thanks you.:smile:

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