Auto Reload v2.0.0 - Reload and Manage Images/Libraries!

A very useful and handy addon.

Is it possible to add the following features:

  1. In many cases, I will set the timer to a long waiting time.
    Adding a button for reloading updated libraries instantly besides waiting in modal mode will be a convenience.

  2. Add a choice in mouse right click button menu to reload a (or more than one) selected image(s) and / or library(s) / linked objects and groups?


@tonton I love this addon, it’s been a life saver to say the least, it’s by far my most useful one in my day to day work. Do you think it would be possible to add a setting so that the addon is always active when blender starts, either it’s per scene file or just always on that you can set in the preferences. I’m getting a little tired of turning it on when I have scenes crashing on me or just restarting blender. Pretty Please! :pray:

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Hi thanks for your kind word !
This was on purpose, but i could add a feature in preferences deactivate by default, i’ll see when i have some time and let you know !

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Is there somewhere I can donate a coffe for your work?

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hey thanks for that ! auto reload is not on gumroad for now, but you can download any of my “products” on it , they are pay what you want

i’ll end up putting auto reload on it too, just didn’t have time yet ^^ working on another addon right now ! :slight_smile:

Bought CamFormat for 15 eur :slight_smile:

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nice man thanks a lot for that ! glad this addon is useful for you ! :smiley:

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hello tonton,

I’m using quite a lot udims and unfortunately your addon doesn’t reload udims textures which could have changed but it’s ok for traditional textures
Perhaps you could update your addon when you will have the time ?
I’ve found a solution that works well just using this script

import bpy
for n in[].filepath = n.filepath

Keep up your good job :wink:



New version of Auto Reload available guys ! :partying_face:

I rewrote the addon to be more efficient, improved the UI, and add a bunch of new features !

For example :

  • Check for Addon Updates
  • Image and Library Inspectors to manage them quickly
  • Launch Timer at Blender startup
  • Initial UDIM support
  • Better update of the viewport when reloading image (displace texture…)

The new Topbar menu for easy access :

The brand new image inspector to modify reveal and check images !

Check the new readme page for more info !

And download here from github !

A new demo video is on its way
Hope you’ll like it, tell me what do you think guys ! Cheers !


Hey guys, here is a video showcasing the v2 of Auto Reload !
Hope you’ll like it, cheers !

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Hey guys, here is a little hotfix update for the v2 :
v2.0.1 Download it here !

Here’s the changes :

  • fix packed files images (detected missing)
  • when removing image, reload texture
  • addon update warning top of the topbar menu
  • fix addon updater

Hi Tonton
Great and essential addon :pray:
I’ve just one issue. When I try to reveal an image in the Images Inspector it opens my explorer on “MyPC” folder instead of the right folder in which the image is located
Do you have any idea where the problem may come from?

However it works fine in Libraries Inspector

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Hey, thanks for the kind words !
Can you tell me more about the problem (os, blender version ?) ? Does the image path is relative ?
What is it exactly ? (without the personal folder name… of course !) you can find it under the image UI List when an image is selected.

I use Blender 3.0 Alpha last branch on Windows 10. The image path is not relative.
Really it depends of the image file.
Example :
E:\WEB, Autres\Logo (Blender).png → didn’t work


E:\WEB\Logo (Blender).png → Work

Maybe it is due to the folder name where there is “,” in the folder name

Thank you for your help