Auto RenderPass Node saver

EXR Auto-Pass Saver is an automatic node linking Addon for Blender Compositor panel.

Every time when an artist in Blender uses Nodes to save the image with OpenEXRMulitlayers, it takes a certain amount of time to manually link all input and output nodes.
This tedious, unproductive work, depending on how many passes exists, takes over a minute to connect, rename and define the final output nodes. Minute after minute and one loses hours of lifetime in a year with this brainless clicks. This must be automatized.

The idea is to have one button to automatically execute the whole node linking process. The Exr AutoPass script should create a new Saver Node, fill it with exact channels as defined in the RenderLayer node and connect them.

It is a one-click operation: toggle the desired render pass nodes in Eevee, Cycles, RadeonPro, LuxCore, Appleseed etc, clear the existing nodes in the compositor (optionally) and press “Exr Auto Saver”. This one action replaces the manual configuration work.
Saved MultiLayer Exr can be now opened for further compositing in Fuson, Nuke, Photoshop, Affinity etc.

Copy the script “” to your Blender/scripts/addons folder, start Blender, search in Preferences/Addons for “Exr”, toggle it in and it will appear in the Compositor side panel.

You can download the free script for Blender 2.8+ from:

Igor Posavec