Auto resizing editor windows... possitble?

Hi guys…

I feel that having to find and click the edge of split windows before dragging them to desired sizes is annoying

Is it possible to have a keyboard shortcut to make the window with mouse-over to resize to a fixed aspect ratio?.. say, a default thin for the properties window and a default thick for the node or graph editors?

any such scripts/addons ever made??

Just make a custom layout set up as you want. Cycle between layouts with Ctrl+left/right arrow key

tried it… its good for stuff, but it doesn’t retain the point of view from the 3d view in one layout to the 3d view in the next(so drag resizing a split window is replaced by panning to match previous view)… and I have to scroll across layouts than just hit a button to get a desired layout…

But I am not a lazy guy :slight_smile: I looked around a bit right now and found ‘screen.area_move’ in the input preferences. It had x and y variables in it… got my hopes up, even tried to modify it… but no luck… could I be onto something?

Most of that sort of UI code is probably read-only. You’ll likely have to modify the source.

It is annoying that the drag arrows are VERY sensitive on window borders for resizing.
Also, the corner drag thingy to make or close another window is a pia sometimes.

Lately, I been using the View->Duplicate Area into New Window for editors and Outliner window and using Blender
in a Gimp style. Resizing duplicate windows is more comfortable, it does create other minor window management and usage problems, but it is better now, at least for my needs.

Examples, I use Outliner quite often on some projects, and can now have it out of the way till needed and sized more usuable than a small corner default size. I can use reference internet images behind 3D editor better than a full size Blender screen now.

Try that, it might work for you also.

i am no coder :frowning: maybe something will turn up