Auto-Retopologize/Remesh geometry based on color/id map texture?

Is this possible in Blender-

Map a texture to a plane, a sphere, and then convert have the polygons recalculated to outline the id maps of the texture like the link above? In otherwords, the texture is used to to define the edge boundary locations for faces on a polygonal mesh?

‘‘Using this approach can save you time by not having to split each edge manually. You can use an image to define the edge locations instead.’’

just saw this topic popping up and draw a connection:

Is that useful?

Hi Tachitan,

Thanks for suggesting a possible solution. Unfortunately, it isn’t. The solution I am looking for is the ability to convert or remesh a geometry surface with a texture or tiled texture using the colors to create edge boundaries on the surface like in the image above.

Say you had a complex texture with colors/id maps. Creating the edges on the surface manually would be time consuming. This saves you a lot of time.

You could try to convert your texture to a vector graphic ( .svg) first. Blender can import .svg as curves, which you then can simply convert to a mesh (or meshes, each region of the .svg is converted to its own object. But of course you can join and merge afterwards. It’s probably best to first decimate (planar) the objects first before joining them, if you don’t want to see a lot of triangles).

No, afaik. You need a 2d remesher with the ability to use color maps as boundary masks. Not in Blender atm.

I think i don’t understand the usefullness (mabe needed in the maya worklflow??).

As far as i understand: a texture can be used to split a real geometry while (delauney) triangulating the image color areas on the surface of that object. This will add geometry to the object…

Why don’t project a texture on the surface and make the shader material let do different things on the colored areas. I mean: why split the object in the first place if the shader can do the work? (refering time saver??) :man_shrugging:

I’m eager to learn a new worklflow.