Auto-rig Pro [3.30]


(lucky) #362

@dimitribastos The controller named “c_traj” is meant to move the character while moving the character global position, such as walking, running… I’m not sure to understand the question, but if you need the IK feet to stick on the ground while moving the c_traj controller, you can mute its Child Of constraint so that it won’t be parented anymore to it.

(dimitribastos) #364

I’m sorry if I was not clear enough. Please, see these two links to understand my problem.

First: I have a simple animated IK hand. Everything works fine. Then, I moved c_traj a little. Link:

Second: After this, I created a third keyframe for the hand. Notice how the position changes in a odd way. Link:

This in fact happens with all my IK bones.

(lucky) #365

Is Visual Keying enabled in the User Preferences? This leads to this kind of issue. If so, you can disable it safely.

(dimitribastos) #366

Amazing. It worked just fine. Thank you!