Auto-rig Pro [3.41 - Beta for Blender 2.8]

Very cool. So for now I’ll work a bit on my amateurish plugin: Support some more source skeletons, make it a bit more usable… It’s MIT License - so if there ends up something in my code that looks not too shabby, you should be fine to use it. Keep up the great work.

Hey, so I have a few questions regarding the plugin.

Q1 - In v3.40, we had the option to dynamically add/remove the facial rig, fingers,etc after generating the rig but this seems to have been removed in v3.41. Just wanted know whether this feature would be re-implemented in the official release of the 2.8 plugin. Since I’m working on a mobile game, the bone count plays a major role in the performance but I also need the facial rig for game trailers, etc. It’ll be great if I could just dynamically remove the facial rig / unneeded fingers etc before exporting it to the game engine.

Q2 - Lets assume that I only tick the “middle” and “thumb” checkbox under fingers to keep the bone count low. What is happening right now is that armature control gets only assigned to those 2 fingers and the other fingers cannot be controlled. Is there a way that I can control the other fingers using the “middle” bone rig itself ? I know that I can manually weight paint the other fingers to transfer over the control from “middle” but an automated tool to do that would be great :smiley: